11 Signs of Water Damage

Signs of water damage in Austin, Texas, come in many forms. That’s why United Water Restoration Group of Austin would like to cover some of the common signs of water damage to help you find water damage faster.

1. Stains

Discoloration, stains, or splotches on the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, cabinetry, and other surfaces of your space can be signs of previous and ongoing water damage.

2. Musty Smell

Does your space smell like must or mildew? Dampness and moisture have this distinct smell.

3. Mold Growth

Mold comes in many colors, so search your home for black, green, brown, or other colored spots growing in your home.

4. Flaking Paint

Excess moisture can cause paint to chip, bubble, peel, and flake off. If you see this in naturally humid places, like your bathroom or laundry room, check for other signs of water damage just in case.

5. Puddles of Water

Puddles or pools of water throughout your space likely mean a leak causing water damage.

6. Loose Caulk Around Pipes

Water can seep out of poorly installed or damaged pipes, causing the caulking around the pipes to peel off.

7. Rusted Metal

Water on metal causes that red or orange substance called rust. You might spot rust on the wall around a faucet or running down a wall from a metal pipe, indicating a leak that’s causing water damage.

8. Cracks in the Walls or Ceiling

Look up at the ceiling for cracks, which could indicate water damage from an upstairs bathroom, attic, or roof. Cracks in the wall could be from water damage behind drywall.

9. Swollen Drywall

Keep an eye out for drywall that protrudes like it’s going to burst. This could be serious water damage hidden behind the wall. 

10. Sound of Running or Dripping Water

Water damage can also come in the form of consistently running water or slow dripping water, which may be causing damage or indicate damage nearby.

11. Increase in Your Water Bill

If you notice a sharp increase in your monthly water bill, this could indicate excess water running and causing damage you can’t see.

If you spot any of these common signs of water damage in Austin, Texas in your home or commercial space, contact us to learn how we can help. Call us today at (512) 772-2458 for a consultation!

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