The Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

It may seem like an odd question to think about, but now and then it pays off to ask yourself if you have water damage to your hardwood flooring. Hardwood floor water damage can be very telling signs of a much bigger issue. 


In the instance of a flood, damages will be much easier to spot. However, if you’re experiencing something like a slow, gradual leak then it could take damages much more time to reveal themselves. 


Whether you’re dealing with an active situation, or you’re just trying to keep an eye on things, United Water Restoration Group of Austin would like to take the time today to inform you about signs of hardwood floor water damage you can keep an eye out for.


Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

  • Moisture Stains

Hardwood floors typically have a very uniform appearance to adhere to the ebb and flow of the interior. So, one of the first signs of water damage to your hardwood floors may be found in discoloration caused by moisture stains. 


Depending on the type of wood, and the prominence of moisture, stains can cause affected areas to become darker in most cases while some cases will even cause fading.


  • Warping/Detachment

Prolonged exposure to moisture can eventually lead from moisture stains to more serious issues. When hardwood floor water damage is left untreated, homeowners may find that the wood itself has begun to warp. 


In worst-case scenarios, wood can even become detached from subflooring. Now you’re not only dealing with hardwood floor water damage but a very real safety risk due to uneven flooring.


  • Wood Rot

While it’s unlikely that hardwood floor damage will have progressed this far without you noticing, there’s always the chance (however slim) that perhaps this is happening in a section of your home or property that isn’t exactly well-traveled. 


If hardwood floors are exposed to moisture for long enough, you could find yourself dealing with wood rot. If the top section is rotting through, then there’s a major possibility the same can be said for the underflooring as well. This is not only a danger to you but a risk to structural integrity as well if it’s widespread.


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United Water Restoration Group of Austin, Texas has the training and the equipment necessary to tackle any water damage repairs, including hardwood floor damaged by water.


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