Should You Replace A Carpet After Water Damage?

There’s a great sense of pride in owning and maintaining a property. Whether it’s a home or business, keeping things pristine and presentable is something that can just make you feel good. Unfortunately, all it can take is one bad day to send things tumbling down and one of those for a property owner is carpet water damage. 


Maybe it was a flash flood, maybe it was a broken pipe or a leaky ceiling, but now your carpet is soaked and while you’re thankful the damages weren’t worse you’re now left wondering if you have to replace your carpet entirely. 


United Water Restoration Group of Austin would like to help you answer that very important question in the wake of carpet water damage.


Does The Carpet Need To Be Replaced?

Whether or not your carpet will need to be replaced involves a lot of variables. These can include everything from the type of water that’s ended up in your carpet to the amount of water itself. Most importantly though is the time. 


How long has your carpet been exposed to moisture? Typically within the first 72 hours carpet water damage has taken its course and even if dried out thoroughly, will need to be replaced.


However, if you catch the carpet water damage quickly enough any adverse effects can be countered by deep cleaning and drying of the carpet, and often a replacement of the carpet padding beneath it to ensure that there’s no chance of mold growth


When it comes to safety in the home, you can’t afford to let mold become a problem. A project like this isn’t a cost you’ll want to think about, but it’s important to know your options all the same.


Your Best Option

In the wake of any water damage scenario, you’re going to want the best team at your side that you can. To that end, United Water Restoration Group of Austin is standing by to help you tackle water damage. 


Our friendly staff can be reached at (512) 813-0501 around the clock 24/7, and after a brief conversation to get an idea of the situation we can have our professionals and their equipment on-site immediately. The quicker our team is in play, the better chance we have of saving your carpet. Don’t delay, call us now.

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