Attic Mold Remediation in Austin, Texas

So you were in your attic doing a little spring cleaning, or perhaps in the process of a renovation, and you found something you weren’t expecting. Nestled away in the corner, just barely out of sight behind a number of boxes you’ve found a pocket of mold growth. 


It’s something you could take care of on your own right? Well, that may not be the best idea. Today United Water Restoration Group of Austin, Texas would like to take a moment to explain why it’s best to avoid a DIY approach when it comes to attic mold remediation, and why you should leave it to the professionals like us.

DIY and Mold Don’t Mix

Attic mold remediation is an issue that’s often more about what you can’t see with a naked eye than what you can. Mold has a tendency to be able to spread into materials like wood and insulation with ease, meaning that if you’re only removing mold at a surface level all you’re doing is putting a bandaid on a problem. 


What’s worse than a DIY approach are people that think mold can be ignored if it’s in a place less traveled in your home, and that’s also an oversight that could prove detrimental not just to your property but to your health. The more mold is able to grow, spread, and thrive the bigger a health concern it becomes.


Attic mold remediation more often than not needs trained professionals with the proper equipment and training to tackle the mold in a way that ensures it’s taken care of properly, allowing you and your family to breathe easier.

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If you have found or think you’ve found mold in your attic, contact United Water Restoration Group of Austin, Texas today at (512) 813-0501. 

Our lines are open 24/7, and after a brief conversation with one of our trained professionals, we can be on-site ASAP to inspect, assess, and tackle your attic mold remediation. Our friendly service and ability to work with all insurance providers combined with our expertise make us the clear choice for your attic mold remediation needs.


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