Sometimes owning property comes with a set of surprises, and when it comes to property these surprises are rarely a good thing. Sudden water damage or fire damage is bad enough, but there are other things that can creep up on you slowly but surely making it so that the surprise you’re left with is the sudden realization this has been going on for a while. In this case, we’re talking about mold infestations.

On a day-to-day basis, we are surrounded by roughly 200-500 mold spores in the air on average. At a safe level, mold is usually something we don’t think about because at such a small number it’s nearly impossible for them to settle. However, as they linger all it takes is the right conditions to set off a chain reaction that allows them to take hold. Excess moisture in less-seen areas of a home or business can become a perfect place for mold to start to take hold and begin its gradual spread. Dampness from a pipe inside a wall for example could slowly lead to mold creeping through the property, and only weeks or even months later will you start to see mold appearing in places that you can see.

When you’ve found mold on your property, every moment matters. United Water Restoration Group of Austin’s team members are trained and equipped to handle a variety of jobs. We can handle water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation in Kyle, Texas.


Looking For Mold Remediation In Kyle, Texas?

At a glance, you may think mold remediation is a simple enough task to handle on your own. Grab soap, a brush, and scrub the mold away until you can no longer see it. The job is done, right? Well, not quite. The way mold infestations spread is incredibly invasive, and often for all the mold, you can see. There is even more mold that you can’t see. What you tackle on the surface is all well and good. However, what remains beneath in the material of your property can keep spreading and get further out of hand. 

A job that would have cost an average of only a few thousand dollars could suddenly cost you over ten thousand dollars. You could be on the hook for it if your insurance company has reason to believe you allowed the mold infestation to flourish beyond the point where it was first spotted. For mold remediation in Kyle, Texas you need experts in your corner.


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